Lesley's Top 10 Study Tips

First I want to wish all of you GOOD LUCK on your finals! I will admit that I was not the best student of them all, but here are my TOP 10 TIPS for studying for finals. Hope some of this is helpful:

1. Create an environment conducive to studying. Students sometimes think a corner cafe or their bed is a great place to study. DO NOT STUDY IN YOUR BED. It doesn't work. Trust me. :)

2. Find a place that is free of distractions, well lit, and gives you ample space to spread out books and notes.

3. Procrastination won't help. Students often think (AS I DID!) that cramming for a final is the best way to study, but it is not. Students need to prepare 7-10 days before the exam, especially when preparing for mutliple exams.

4. Everyone has a different learning style. Find what works best for you. Just because your friends can study in groups doesn't mean you have to!!

5. Form a study group (ONLY if you can study in groups!!). Don't necessarily study with your friends. This is a good chance to surround yourself with other people who are focused on the same tests you are. Compare notes, quizzes, and other work.

6. Freshen up on notes. Notes are a great way to review the material from the semester...unless of course, you didn't take any. In that case, you better go to plan B. ;)

7. Drink lots of water! Everyone loves to get hyped up on coffee and caffine during finals. It's what you do...BUT, don't forget to also drink lots of H2O to keep hydrated. Your body needs it!

8. Get some sleep! Again, just like drinking water, your body needs sleep! Try to manage your time while studying to allow yourself to get plenty of sleep at night. Your mind works better when it has had some rest.

9. Pray. I know lots of students remember to pray during finals, but don't forget to pray before studying. Ask God to give you a clear mind and to be able to absorb the knowledge you are learning.

9. After your finals are over, be sure to reward yourself! Those of us who have been in college know just how much work and focus goes into finals. Once they are over, do something for yourself or buy yourself something you normally wouldn't. You deserve it!

So here is my little prayer for all of you...
"Dear God, please give all students peace during their finals and tests coming up. May they have a clear mind ready to absorb the knowledge you are giving them. While I know right now they just want them to be over, allow them to stop and be thankful for their education. Please be with them as they prepare and take their exams to do the very best they can. May they turn to you in moments of need and thank you in moments of joy! In your name I pray. Amen"


  1. There's a time for sleeping, a time for studying and a time of eating. Everything must be balanced before an exam. If you are lacking in any one of those, then you might not be able to finish the exam as well as you'd hoped.

    Kimi Stremmings


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