I'm back....Hello 2014!

Hello 2014! In my time away from blogging, a lot of life has happend! As I started to think of how I could catch all of you up, I realized that I recapped 2013 in my Christmas letter that I send out in December. So, in order to keep all of life documented here on my blog, here is a catch up post of all the ups and down of 2013. The year started off blazing with an unexpected nomination to be a Fish Camp 2013 Namesake! From the moment I found out about Camp Vaculin, I fell in love with Texas A&M all over again. January-August revolved around me suddenly being crafty, hanging out with 19 year olds, and buying all things BLUE! Getting to know the Aggies involved with my camp was a dream come true. I, without a doubt, gained 26 new family members over the course of 2013 and I couldn’t be happier about that. As I look back, I now realize that being a namesake was probably one of the coolest things that will happen in my lifetime. They say traveling does the heart good! In September, I took a fantastic trip to San Francisco with my best friend/cousin, John and two of our close friends Ashleigh & Garrett. It was a gorgeous state full of friendly people, fresh air, and beautiful sites! I am so grateful for the opportunity to travel with friends…not because of the places we go, but because of the memories we make. I always like to look back at last year to see what I wrote about and how things have changed. Since 2012 was the year of weddings, 2013 was the year of babies! On October 14th, I became a crazy aunt of TWO as our family welcomed my new nephew, Owen Joseph Abraham! I didn’t think Reid could get any cuter, but then he became a big brother. There are a lot of things in life that make me proud, but my nephews take the prize. Owen brought with him a new experience for me in making me a first time Godmother. Weeks later (on Thanksgiving Day), I became a Godmother again as my cousin Travis and his wife Kayla welcomed Chancey Lane Dohnalik! These two boys have already stolen my heart and have given me a new sense of responsibility to set a good example in my faith, my love for others, and the way I live. Unfortunately, 2013 has also had some struggles, as most years do. At the end of October our family said goodbye to my sweet Aunt Lisa after a long, hard battle with cancer. Even in the darkest moments of life, there are blessings to be found. This year I was reminded of how unbelievable our family is. It’s easy to be there for each other in times of joy and celebration. Yet, more importantly, I saw just how blessed we are in times of sorrow and struggle. As October ended and November began, a new leaf seemed to be turning. On November 1st I went on a first date with a guy that has turned out to be quite the surprise. Kevin has been an unexpected breath of fresh air for me as 2013 comes to an end. If you haven’t met him, I hope you get to soon!  AND there is is. As best of a recap of 2013 as I could do. I look forward to blogging more over the next couple months and hope that I don't bore you with all that is coming your way (since I have a LOT to catch up on). Love you all!


  1. What a great year! Glad to share in some of those good memories. Can't wait for the next big trip.


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