Extreme Baby Prep!

Since we shared the gender of our baby girl back in early November, we have been busy getting ready for her arrival! I have read every blog and pinned every pin on pintrest, so now it is time to get busy with her arrival only a few months away. But first...time to take it all in. The day after we found out her gender, we were also celebrating the 3 year anniversary of our first date. On November 1st, 2013 I went on a first date to Napa Flats with a guy my mom handpicked for me. Every day since then Kevin has loved me unconditionally and becoming parents is more exciting for me, because it is with him. He listens to me complain, he supports me and wakes up every time I go to the bathroom, and he spoils me. That day I came home to flowers and his smile...which was enough for me. 3 years ago I wasn't sure if he was the one and that night at dinner we discussed baby names and what our first child will be like over a non interrupted dinner. Definitely a full circle moment for this emotional momma! After dinner we headed to the new Carter's in town and we both picked out our first outfits for our daughter. Here are the two outfits we picked out. It was a fun evening complete with our first shopping trip (which was a quick one, just like Kevin likes it)!
Next on our list after finding out the gender was starting a baby registry. It wasn't too long ago that Kevin had the scan gun in hand shooting pots and pans for our wedding. Hard to believe less than 2 years later, we are now registering for our first daughter. After visiting a few baby stores, we narrowed it down to Target and Babies R Us for our two baby shopping headquarters. Since most people have access to a Target, this was a no brainer. We tossed around the idea of other places and after visiting Babies R Us, we liked a lot of the products they offered. Since we don't have one in College Station we figured our family and friends who live in bigger cities would have access to this other option. Since I was SUPER excited for the registry and had read up on all the products, we decided to do our Babies R Us registry the weekend of my 30th Birthday. We had already planned to be Austin so I figured we could knock out this task while we were close to one there. Kevin let me do most of the pointing and picking and he did all the scanning! We had fun imagining our little girl using all these goodies. Crazy to see how many different options there are for needed products. From sheet protectors to breast feeding supplies we were a bit overwhelmed! But, after many texts to my sister and other friends about what they used, we now have a registry at both stores. Here are a few pictures from our registry fun!
Finally, on to the big stuff. Time to put the baby furniture together. While looking for cribs and dressers, I wanted white. Kevin wanted wood. So, we compromised and picked this furniture from Babies R Us! Our parents were kind enough to each buy a piece for her which we thought will be pretty special. Kevin got busy (along with my direction giving) and we now have a dresser and a crib ready for our girl. Putting together items is typically a challenge for Kevin and I. Since I didn't have any brothers, I was usually the one putting things together in my household. Therefore, I clearly know how to do it. Miraculously, we survived both the crib and dresser without one argument. It was a true miracle...parenting must be good for us. Haha! Here are the finished products. Daddy did a great job! She is going to love it.
Now...we are just missing a few more decorations in her room....and her! More to come soon as we continue preparing for our little girl's arrival!


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